Summer School 2011

More than 50 participants took part in the 2nd Summer School for Myology at the Max Delbrück Communications Center from June 13th - 17th, 2011. 35 internationally renowned experts from various areas of muscle research gave lectures on basic muscle sciences and provided new insights into their research work. Many participants made use of the newly offered informal "Meet the Professor" sessions to discuss their specific questions outside the seminar room or just to make a contact. The program was complemented by workshops and, last but not least, an exciting tour through the German Reichstag.

The feedback given by both students and teachers was very enthusiastic.

June 13, 2011
June 14, 2011
June 15, 2011
June 16, 2011
June 17, 2011
Where does muscle come from? How to study genes and mutations The control of muscle mass Biosystemic approaches to muscle Where does the energy come from?
Stephane Vincent

Gisèle Bonne Helge Amthor
Stefan Kempa
Markus Schülke-Gerstenfeld
Christophe Marcelle
Nicolas Lévy
Marco Sandri Marcus Weber
Hadi Al-Hasani
Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
To apply genetics to study muscle development About Epigenetics and About RNA/DNA Surgery Channels, Receptors and sarcolemmal signalling About the membrane and cyto- architecture of skeletal muscle How to modulate muscle metabolic activity
Krzysztof Jagla
Silvère van der Maarel Frank Lehmann-Horn
Simone Spuler Jean Bastin
Frederic Relaix
Luis Garcia Stanley Froehner
Dieter Fürst
Daniel Metzger
Lunch Lunch Petra Knaus
Lunch Lunch
Muscle Metabolism
Michael Boschmann

Meet the Professor
Muscle Metabolism
Michael Boschman

Meet the Professor
Writing skills development with Prof. Luft

Students present selected posters
Muscle Microscopy

Joachim Weis)

Group I
Group II

Meet the Professor
Old and new problems of muscle stem cells
Examples of complex protein function in striated muscle
15.00 h

Visit to the Max Liebermann House

16.30 h

Guided Tour through the Reichstag

19.30 h

Dinner at the
Solar Club
What makes muscles contract?
Towards new horizons in muscle research
Terence Partridge
Jens Fielitz Wolfgang Linke
students present selected posters

Eva Klopocki Michael Radke Thomas Voit
Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee and Farewell
Muscle satellite cells
How to excite muscle
How to use stem cells for therapies
Peter Zammit Jean Cartaud Cécile Martinat
Carmen Birchmeier Laurent Schaeffer
Jenny Morgan
Chill out after the lecture:
Meet the Professor downtown
Chill out after the lecture:
Meet the Professor downtown
Chill out after the lecture:
Meet the Professor downtown