Summer School 2010

Our first summer school associated with MyoGrad took place in Berlin at the Max Delbrück Communications Center from June 14th – 18th 2010.

This week was dedicated to basic muscle research and complemented a more clinically oriented session at the Institut de Myologie in Paris during the following week. The students enrolled in the MyoGrad PhD-program together with 40 additional international participants enjoyed a week of intense teaching, up-to-date research overviews, workshops and discussions in a relaxed atmosphere at the Max Delbrück Center or at the shores of Berlin lakesides. We received a very enthusiastic and helpful feedback. Please check back on our website for information on our MyoGrad Summer School 2011.

"The course was fantastic on the academic front, but it also created an opportunity to meet so many wonderful people from many countries. Thank you all for the wonderful time spent together. It was [such a] useful and helpful experience."

"Pure basic science with a flavor of clinical importance."

"The meeting was very interesting and useful. Hopefully it will take place regularly in future."

"[The Summer School was an] interactive and comparative meeting of ideas and techniques."

"[The course put] positive emphasis on the integration of basic scientific theory."

"I enjoyed every moment in Berlin, thanks for a wonderful course!"