P3: The role of transcriptional modulator skNAC in myogenic differentiation and muscle regeneration


Subproject Speakers

Berlin: Barbara Munz, MD, Junior Prof.
Paris:  Frédéric Relaix, PhD and Vincent Mouly, PhD

The "skeletal muscle-specific variant of nascent polypeptide associated complex" (skNAC) is a skeletal and heart muscle-specific splice variant of the translational co-activator αNAC. Others and we recently showed that skNAC expression is not only dramatically induced in myogenic differentiation, but also in muscle regeneration. Our observations were made in the dystrophic mdx mouse and in various human skeletal muscle diseases. In addition, recent data using loss-of-function mutants in zebra fish suggest involvement of skNAC in skeletal muscle development and potentially regeneration. We hypothesize that skNAC is crucial in myoblast differentiation and in muscle regeneration. This project aims to mechanistically analyze the role of skNAC in skeletal muscle tissue.

Janine Berkholz,  MyoGrad doctoral student 2010-2015

Completed doctoral project:

The skNAC-Smyd1 complex: a multifunctional regulator of myogenesis?

Date and place of thesis defense:
February 26, 2015 in Berlin
Doctoral degree from FU Berlin

Kristina Lisec (MD student)

Examination in Medicine
Pomeranian Medical University, Szczecin, Poland

Working title
Functional analysis of skNAC in cardiomyocytes and rhabdomyosarcoma cells